Mellow Release!

Hey there! As you may or may not know mellow has now been released! During the first hour, we uncovered a lot of bugs, of which now most of them have been addressed!

These fixes include:

  • Server allowing you to craft MineTinker recipes again
  • You are now able to silkspawners as long as your pickaxe has silktouch on it
  • Essentials will stop complaining about dangerous teleporting
  • You are now able to teleport to your home using /home (permission error)
  • /withdrawxp now requires you to hold the bottle in your mainhand and will consume it when executing this command. Upon using the bottle o experience, the bottle will be given back to you

At the moment, there is not much we can do about the TPS issue (and it’s not because we use a lot of plugins, we’re only using 20, some of those are libraries for other plugins and not many are big plugins). The bad TPS is caused by the fact that 1.14 as very unoptimised. This video by ilmango explains the problem well. The other factor of this TPS issue is the hardware we’re using to run the server. We are self-hosted because we prefer not sending your data to evil corporations who may or may not sell your data to advertisers and/or 3rd parties. We’re currently saving up for a dedicated server (That will run Ryzen) to run this and only this network which is vastly more powerful. This change will happen faster the more players who buy Vertex Premium (which will become available shortly). All of this money will be put towards getting a dedicated server.

That’s all for now ~ Lav

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